Upgrade to a Custom Garage Door

Set up your next garage door installation in Ocoee, Winter Garden, Winter Park, FL or the Surrounding Orlando Area

Ready for a new garage door? Get in touch with Chico's Garage Door Services, LLC. Your garage door installation is sure to go smoothly. You'll be comfortable storing equipment, gardening tools and sporting supplies safely in your garage behind a brand-new door.

There are plenty of options when it comes to garage doors. You can purchase a new garage door with:

  • Insulated panels
  • Glass windows
  • Barn-door stylings
  • Glass-top panels
  • Custom designs
  • Hurricane proofing

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garage door installation in Ocoee, FL

Organize an overhead door installation with ease

Overhead doors tuck up and out of the way when not being used. Save yourself a lot of trouble by planning an overhead door installation. Different hurricane regions require specific hurricane doors. Ocoee, FL and the Orlando area are in Zone 4. We'll install the appropriate zone door.

In addition to making sure your door is safe, we can also transform it with a custom design. Using laser painting, we can etch on a barn door façade or any style you prefer.

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Looking for a garage door to fit the style of your new home?

If you're building a new home, your garage door is an important piece of the overall style and design. Chico's Garage Door provides a wide array of garage door options to fit your needs. Our experienced garage door technicians specialize in garage door installation for new construction homes. Reach out today to learn more about your options.